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StarCraft 2: Brood War

This is a new mod I've been working on for SC2 that focuses on swapping as many of the audios as I can with the Brood War equivalent of those sounds. So far this includes various unit sounds for all races including a majority of weapon sounds like Marine gunfire, and spell effect sounds such as High Templars Psionic Storm. It also includes Brood War music in-game and in the menus, a few building construction sounds for Protoss and Zerg, explosions and other random things such as Scanner Sweep, Stimpack etc.

Seeing as not every SC2 unit was actually in Brood War, I had to improvise for a few units by swapping them with other BW units that aren't in SC2. While a lot of them are obvious fits, some of them are based off votes casted in the Team Liquid thread here.

Units that've been swapped include;

Immortal -> Dragoon
Void Ray -> Arbiter
Phoenix -> Scout
Viking -> Wraith
Stalker -> Dragoon Fenix
Hellion - > Vulture
Thor -> Goliath
Brood Lord -> Guardian
Corrupter -> Devourer
Infestor -> Defiler

The units that still remain default are Mothership, Reaper, Marauder, Raven, Roach. Some of the advisor sounds were also left default as they didn't have warnings in Brood War for things such as minerals/gas depleted or game resumed.

While this is a pretty revised version with a lot of help from the members at Team Liquid, there might still be a few things left out. If you come across anything, just let me know and I'll take care of it.

To get started, you're going to need the MPQEditor as always, and like all MPQ editing, this is obviously against the ToS. Most of you probably know that already by now anyway, but I have to say it in every post or else somebody will shout at me.

Because this particular project has so many varying features, they can't all be installed at once. I've broken the downloads up into separate sections for voices, sound effects, music and Zerg units. The reason Zerg doesn't go with Terran and Protoss voices is because Zerg units are categorised as sound effects, and thus, are stored in a different MPQ file than voices. The Zerg advisor will be included with Protoss and Terran though, because that's obviously a voice.

For the first download, this includes every voice sound. All unit voices for Terran and Protoss, and the Advisor for all races. To install this, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod and open enGB.SC2ASSETS with the MPQEditor. (Or enUS/deDE/zhTW etc depending on region) Once you've opened it, go to the folder LocalizedData and you should see the two folders "Facial" and "Sounds". This is where you need to drop the download. This will automatically replace all three races voices.

For those of you who only want to install a particular races voices, or only the Zerg advisor voice, go one step further and open the "Sounds" folder. This is where you'll need to drop your download.

All races voices
Terran only
Zerg advisor only


If you want to add the Brood War music, go to SC2/Mods/Liberty.SC2Mod, open the base.SC2assets with the MPQEditor, then go to Assets, Music and drop all of the files in the download below into that location. This adds menu music, in-game music and victory/defeat pop-up music.

Spells and Weapon Sounds

This includes things like Siege Tank entering siege mode/attacks, all Probe sounds, Psionic Storm, Yamato Cannon, Stimpack/Marine gunfire, Medivac healing, SCV repairing and the Hellions flame swapped to Firebat.

Go to SC2/Mods/Liberty.SC2Mod/base.SC2assets (the same one used for music)
Open with the MPQEditor and navigate to Assets. Drop the extracted download there.

Zerg Unit Sounds
This includes Zerg units spawning, attacking, moving, drones, eggs, overlords etc. This doesn't include the advisor, as it's part of a different MPQ. You'll need to install that individually as instructed above.

Go to SC2/Mods/Liberty.SC2Mod and open base.sc2assets with the MPQEditor. Navigate to Assets/Sounds and drop the extracted download there.


  1. Does this work? I really want the old bw sounds.

  2. Good question.